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    Thanks to the 4to1 Program and 4to1 Partners his local food pantry does.

    Childhood is a critical time for good nutrition. Adequate protein is especially important during times of rapid growth during childhood and adolescence. The 4to1 Program donates one pound of delicious high protein snacks for every 4 pounds sold to local metro area food pantries and school programs.

Our Simple Pledge:
For every 4 pounds sold, 1 pound is donated to a metro area food pantry.
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    Food Pantries Need Most:

    #2- Soups & Stews
    #3- Rice & Pasta
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Partners In The Pledge:

"The Snack That Gives Back."

Over half of all business in any given community say yes to the 4 To 1 Program.   Mechanic Shops, Law Firms, Insurance agents, and business offices of every shape and size enjoy our high-quality great tasting products while passively supporting the local food pantry in the process.

We want to thank the many thousands of 4 To 1 Program Partners throughout the United States who have made our program such an overwhelming success within the communities that we serve.  Thanks again for supporting
4 To 1.